Animations Bar-Restaurant « Coté Sud » -

Animations Bar-Restaurant « Coté Sud »

From the month of May to September, our Restaurant “Ma Prairie” proposes a traditional cuisine, with typical recipes of the region, accompanied by a selection of wines from de Roussillon planes. The recognition of the certificate: “label Qualité Sud de France, supports our passion for our Catalan culinary heritage. In July and august, the restaurant organizes theme nights and concerts.

  • Restaurant du camping Ma Prairie, à Canet en Roussillon
    ma prairie - canet en roussillon

Local specialties from the Roussillon planes and Catalonia

Tapas and main courses

The region Occitanie-Pyrénées-Méditerranée which is ours,  has a rich gastronomic heritage. The Catalan cuisine has the particular capacity of successfully combining ingredients from the sea with products from the mountainous regions. Our cuisine has been influenced by several cultures, notably by nearby Spain. It offers us just as many fish-based dishes (codfish, sardines, anchovies from Collioure, oysters, lobster and prawns, clams and mussels) as cold meats and meat-based main courses. (free range pigs, fed on acorns, or catalan lamb “Xaï) and snails)

The cuisine from the Roussillon showcases our sun-drenched fruits and vegetables (violet artichokes from the Roussillon, apricots, peaches, tomatoes, asparagus,..;) but also dried legumes (chickpeas, beans or lentils) or rice and pasta which are the very base of some of our most popular dishes such as the Paella or the Fideuà.

Our Restaurant “Coté Sud” invites you to come in numbers and try our local specialties, among the most popular The Serrano Ham accompanied by “Pan con Tomate” (bread rubbed in with tomato, garlic, olive oil and salt), Collioure Salad,  “Escalibade” (mixture of paprika, eggplant,  grilled onions from Toulouges, served cold with a dash of olive oil) or even  “Boles de Picolat” (meatballs simmered in a sauce of mushrooms and olives).

Deserts from the Roussillon and the Catalan Coastline.

Catalans have a sweet tooth and among the most appreciated deserts we count:

  • La crème catalane, which is in fact a kind of “crème brulée” scented with zest of citrus fruits and cinnamon.
  • Les Bunyetes, fried sweet waffles perfumed with a dash of orange blossom, are traditionally consumed during Eastern.
  • “TURRON”, a kind of almond-based nougat.
  • “Mel I Mato”, fresh sheep cheese, similar to ricotta, served with honey.
  • “le bras de gitan” or the gypsie’s arm, is a cake roll,  that usually consists of a spongecake, filled (once more) with “La crème catalane”.
  • La pâte de coing, candied quice, often served with Manchego, sheep cheese.

We could sum up even more local Catalan specialties, for the area is bestowed with a great variety of flavors, but the easiest way to discover them is to simply come in and taste for yourself!